The Non-Narcotic Post Operative Pain Management Solution for patients Planning Orthopedic Surgery

At Superior PostOp we all share the same goal - Recovery from Orthopedic Surgery with No Opioids!

We take pride in caring for our patients. Our non-narcotic, post-operative surgical pain management program provides a tremendous patient experience and great patient satisfaction results. If you are planning orthopedic surgery then consider calling Superior PostOp.  Our goal is to get each patient back to their daily routines with no use of opioid medications.


Paving the way for a smooth recovery, Superior Post-Op was founded in March 2020 with the goal of providing an opioid-sparing solution for post-operative ASC patients.





Our experienced team is built with operational expertise, pharmacy knowledge, ASC experience, pharma leadership, and in-house pre-and post-op RCM services. 


 Only your doctor can prescribe this non-narcotic pain management program.  Ask your orthopedic surgeon about our service and call us at (859) 327-3102 for more information

About Us

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

Deliver a non-narcotic pain relief solution to the orthopedic patients of ambulatory surgery centers, that is coordinated between the patient’s surgeon, anesthesiologist and insurance company. 

Provide a high quality, non-narcotic postoperative solution that will increase patient selection nationally for ambulatory surgery centers, reduce postoperative visits to emergency departments and reduce healthcare expenses for patients and payors.

Quality, Experience, and Persistence are what we value most. Our team has provided decades of quality care in all phases of a patient’s postoperative experience. Together, we continuously strive to overcome the use of opioids as a pain relief solution for postoperative orthopedic surgical procedures.

Benefits of Our Services for Patients

Pre and Post-op Coordination

Superior PostOp provides patient pre-operative training and orientation, day of surgery support and 24/7 post-operative phone assistance with onshore and licensed health care providers. From start to finish, we are here to assure our patients have a seamless recovery process.

Top Notch Customer Service

Undergoing surgery is stressful enough. We ensure our team is prepared to provide every patient with clear communication on billing processes, equipment education, and any other needed support we can provide around the clock.

Flexible Change in Plans

We understand plans change, which is why we take pride in providing flexible terms and conditions. Our patients may always elect to not take out services up until the day of surgery, at no cost to them.

Why Choose Us

Are you an ASC?

We can reduce your opioid free post-operative patient care overhead. Leave it to us, we will take it from here.

Are you an Orthopedic Surgery Office?

Our highest priority above everything is ensuring our patient satisfaction score can make a difference for each and every patient, making the impression of the surgical process an overwhelmingly positive one.

Are you a Patient?

Customer service, medication education, and quality recovery products are what you will need. Call us so we can share all the benefits of our treatment and we can develop the right recovery plan for you.

Curious About the Benefits of Opioid-Sparing Care?

There are many reasons patients, health care providers, insurance companies and orthopedic surgeons can benefit from our opioid-sparing solutions. Connect with us to learn all about the benefits!